5 Children Easter Must-Haves You Need Now

Easter is a holiday full of chocolate (lots of it) and many church services. This list gives you what you need for the upcoming holiday.

  1. A pack of cookie cutters, these cookie cutters will make all the difference in the world with your cookie presentation.

Here: Stalwart G-24042 Easter Cookie Cutter (Pack of 4)

2. Keep your kids busy with this fun, jam-packed game.

Here: Grab a Pig Card Game

3. Suprise your children with the ‘Easter Bunny’, with these footprints.

Here: 15 Easter Bunny Track Foot Feet Print Easter Party Home Decoration Kid Child Fun Garden Egg Hut Game

4. Give your children a task and let them become builders for a day.

Here: Easter Egg House Kit for Children to Make Decorate and Display – Creative Craft Toy Set for Kids

5. Have a fun Easter egg hunt.

Here: Set Of 24 Chick Plastic Surprise Eggs – Fill With Easter Hunt Gifts

I hope you have a fun Easter filled with joy and love! Happy Easter!

5 Children.png