First Post?!

Hello, readers!

I’ve officially entered the blog world! I’m really excited to start blogging because I believe it’s so fun to share your thoughts and life with others.

I am Jasmine/Fola, I’m fourteen years old and I have Sickle Cell and Lupus. Yes, I am a ‘spoonie’, two chronic illnesses that make a significant impact on my life.

I decided to start blogging because I want to show you how I live with these diseases. However, I’m not just going to be blabbing on about these conditions, I am also gonna be writing some posts about traveling,  beauty, fashion and more! So yeah, this blog has it all.

With this blog, I am looking for people to understand me as a person and also… maybe get inspiration from this blog…. Who knows?!

That’s me and my first post. And I want you guys to know if you want anyone to speak to, heYa, I’m here at; Just slide into my emails.


Much love,



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